Atze Akkerman and Elizabeth Akkerivian v. Mecta Corp

Documents from the Atze Akkerman and Elizabeth Akkerivian v. Mecta Corp case, 2004.

‘The Great Oblivion’—An Autoethnographic Depiction of Social and Personal Recovery After Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT)

This article discusses the challenges faced by individuals with cognitive disabilities after undergoing electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The author draws on personal experiences and research to highlight issues such as societal…

Cancer treatment leads to involuntary ECT - forced psychiactric treatment, Scotland

One man shares how cancer treatment led to heavy psychiatric drugging and forced electroconvulsive therapy (ECT.)

5 Things I wish I knew before having ECT (electroconvulsive therapy)

In this video, I talk about five of the many things I wish I had known before ECT.

Lake Alice Survivors

A post dedicated to Lake Alice survivors; a psychiactric institution where children were given ECT as a form of abuse.

Excerpts from 1990 FDA ECT Dockets

Exerpts from ECT recipeints submissions the 1990 FDA dockets.

Mike's ECT Story

Mike suffered devastating cognitive side effects from ECT doctors won't recognize and his friends and family can't understand.

Can ECT erase bad memories? Electroconvulsive therapy and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I often get asked if electroconvulsive therapy can erase bad memories. I made this video to answer that question by sharing my experience with traumatic memories before and after shock…

Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Qualitative Study

Healthcare providers perspectives dominate electroconvulsive therapy literature. This study emphasizes on the importance and validity of storytelling from the patient perspective, with a focus on the female experience.

Andy Luff Shares His ECT Story - Walk a Mile in my Shoes Podcast

Chris Young, host of Walk a Mile in my Shoes Podcast, interviews ECT survivor Andy Luff and his partner, Jill Davies.

Surviving Electric Shock Treatment

Seven years ago, I was administered electric shock treatment for a disorder I later learnt I didn’t have. Not only was it the most traumatic and evidently unnecessary experience of…

Justice and Hope: Lisa Morrison's ECT Story, Part 3

In part 3, electroshock survivor Lisa Morrison shares her insights women, ECT and the mental health system as well as what can be done to improve circumstances for patients and…

Finding Me - Lisa Morrison's ECT Story, Part 2

Lisa Morrison explores how the currently medical system failed to correctly diagnose and and treat her CPTSD. She shares insights on how trauma informed care can benefit individuals in crisis…

Loss & Anger, Lisa Morrison's ECT Story - Part 1

The following 3-part blog arose after agreeing to be interviewed about my experiences of receiving Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) by the BBC NI. The purpose is to share my views, experiences…

Living With ECT (electroconvulsive Therapy) Brain Injury; Failed by ECTAS, RCPSYCH, NICE, and CQC

This video explains what it feels like to suffer from brain injury caused by ECT, a procedure that I was consented to be relatively safe.

What's life like after Shock Treatment (ECT)?

Marissa, a student in San Diego State University's Rehabilitation Counseling Master's program who chose to specialize in the Cognitive Certificate, interviewed me as part of her class project about barriers…

Electroconvulsive Therapy Success and Failure - Two Patients Discuss Their Different ECT Outcomes

This guest audio is from the Emotional Self Reliance Podcast, Sarah Hancock and her friend, Greg Threadgold have both had electroconvulsive therapy with remarkably different outcomes. In this episode they…

Amanda's ECT Experience

I think I just want people to know is that no matter how hard things get, its not worth giving up your memories and forgetting a part of who you…

Disabled by ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) - The Depression Files Podcast

history of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), the science of electrical injury, and her experience with misdiagnosis, overmedication, excessive involuntary ECT, and current struggles to access comprehensive assessments, medical care and rehabilitation…

ECT & Brain Damage - A Physician's Experience

Former pediatrician Susan Cunliffe speaks candidly about her experience being injured by ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) with Medical Errors Podcast.

TED CHABASINSKI - Electroshocked as a child; Outlawing shock treatment as a man

A short documentary of lawyer and activist, Ted Chabasinski's experience being incarcerated at Bellevue Hospital as a child and given ECT

Andy's ECT Story

Andy Luff went to a psychiatrist for help with autism/SPD symptoms. He was given ECT and suffered permanent brain damage as a result.

ECT - Wendy's Story

I want my story to serve as a warning to anyone who is considering ECT. I understand what it’s like to live with severe depression and to feel like you…

ECT Story - Oliver

What I’m trying to get across is that it’s not easy, but it isn’t all bad news, there can be life after ECT, moments of joy as well as sorrow,…

In Memorium

This section is dedicated to those who lost their lives from ECT — dying from the treatment or by suicide after. 

Sudden Cardiac Death After ECT

A patient given ECT despite his cardiac risks dies from asystole following treatment.

Woman suffered hours-long seizure,10 day coma, and disabling injuries from ECT (electroconvulsive therapy)

Betty Shafran suffered a prolonged seizure followed by a 10 day coma, and disabling injuries from ECT. This raises questions…

Grandfather Dies From Suicide Following Forced ECT

Victoria coroner calls for review of guidelines after the preventable death of forced ECT patient Gerard Helliar. In nearly 20…

ECT Suicide - Tammy

The following tweets are about Tammy. A beautiful woman who killed herself because she couldn't live a life after ECT.…

ECT related death not properly addressed due to COVID-19

Man in care home dies 24 hours after ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). Violations had occurred but due to COVID-19...


This section is dedicated to the survivors of Lake Alice

Lake Alice Survivors

Lake Alice Survivors

A post dedicated to Lake Alice survivors; a psychiactric institution where children were given ECT as a form of abuse.