Mike’s ECT Story

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I’ve had 15 treatments one year ago.

Since then I’m always telling my psychiatrist the same story.

My short-term memory is destroyed, my cognitive skills are unbelievably bad, I have constant headaches and I’m desperate because of this conversion of my brain. I don’t have feelings, no emotional connections and any dreams…I’m just caught in a damaged brain.

I’m waiting every day for my brain to recover but it’s been one year there is no improvement.

For one year I have done my master’s exams, now it’s impossible to read a book.

But the worst thing is that I don’t have any thoughts–I’m totally apathetic when I’m alone. My psychiatrist told me that’s because of my depression but that’s bullshit.

In Switzerland, nobody knows ECT except a few psychiatrists.

I visited so many doctors and tried to explain my brain damage to them but nobody believes me. My friends and family can’t understand.

Since ECT I’m alone and totally isolated from society.

I really can’t understand how doctors can agree on a treatment like ECT; it didn’t help anything. It was only brain damage and the beginning of unbelievable suffering.