Life After ECT Founder, Writer & Independent Researcher

Anna is a childhood psychiatric drug and a teenage electroshock survivor. She received 60-90 ECT treatments that caused severe disability at a young age. She founded Life After ECT to ensure those harmed by electroconvulsive therapy have access to resources that will help them understand their injuries and find a path to recovery.

In 2022 she established the nonprofit, Life After ECT Inc. with an aim to raise awareness, support electrical injury & rehabilitation research, and develop educational resources on the long-term consequences of ECT.

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Sarah Price Hancock

Rehabilitation Counselor Writer & Independent Researcher, and Audit ECT Campaign Leader

Sarah Price Hancock, MS, CRC, lived for nearly two decades misdiagnosed with severe “treatment resistant” mental illness. She was given 116 bilateral ECT treatments and now lives with Delayed Electrical Injury’s Myoneuroal Disorder.

Sarah holds a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling and taught for four years in San Diego State University’s Rehabilitation Counseling program. She also hosts The Emotional Self-Reliance Podcast and guest lectures on psychiatric recovery.

She founded a newly formed nonprofit, The Ionic Injury Foundation, with a focus on electrical injury research.

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Unnamed Volunteers

Life After ECT has several dedicated volunteers providing working behind the scene who prefer to remain nameless but their invaluable support deserves mention! Our work would not be possible without you!


We are honored by those who have shared their stories with this site to raise awareness. If you would like to share your story, a blog post, or podcast audio please visit our contact page.