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Freeths Law Firm is seeing patients injured by ECT in England – 2021

“Some people have suffered permanent cognitive damage and memory loss from being given ECT treatment without being informed of the potential side effects. Some have had to give up careers and lifestyles they loved due to these long term side effects.

If you or a family member have had ECT treatment and can relate to any of this then please get in touch and we can establish if you may have a potential claim.”

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California Supreme Court ruled that patients' autonomy in making treatment decisions must be respected

On June 20, 2024, the California Supreme Court made an important decision that changes how pharmaceutical and medical device companies…

New Litigation Opportunites for ECT Recipients in the United States

Learn about new litigation opportunities in the the United States.

Atze Akkerman and Elizabeth Akkerivian v. Mecta Corp

Documents from the Atze Akkerman and Elizabeth Akkerivian v. Mecta Corp case, 2004.

Videotaped deposition of Robin Nicol- Atze Akkerman and Elizabeth Akkerman vs. Mecta Corporation, 2004

Deposition of Robin Nicol, the Owner of Mecta, one of two US ECT device manufacturers.

Forensic Expert expert report sheds light on ECT's lack of safety testing, treatment standards, and device makers' effort to avoid legal consequences - Thelen, vs. Somatics, LLC, and Elektrika

If you’re considering ECT, please understand both US-made ECT devices (sold internationally) are facing multiple pending lawsuits because there are…

Over 100 Former ECT Patients Seek Legal Representation in England

A follow up on the 2021 BBC investigation of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Michelle Himes v. Somatics, LLC

Video and article links regarding recent ECT litigation: Michelle Himes v. Somatics, LLC.

ECT Lawsuit: Jeffery Thelen v, Somatics LLC, and Elektrika, INC.

"Plaintiff alleges that undergoing ECT treatment with this device caused permanent neurological damage impairing his ability to memorize, retain, and…

ECT Lawsuit: Janelle Schnulle, Plantiff v, Somatics LLC, Defendant

Janelle Schnulle had 33 ECT treatments she claims caused permanent neurological damage. She is suing device manufacturer, Somatics LLC.

Paralegal speaks out about electroconvulsive therapy controversies

A paralegal who worked for law firm representing a man with total autobiographical memory loss following electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) shares…

ECT Device Maker Mecta Corp. Files Chapter 11 After Lawsuits Hinder Access to Liability Insurance

On September 30, 2021, ECT device manufacturer Mecta Corp. filed chapter 11 bankruptcy amid lawsuits hindering their liability insurance eligibility.…

ECT Device Manufacturer Admits Brain Damage as a Risk of Electroconvulsive Therapy

ECT Device Manufacturer Somatics, LLC, acknowledged lasting damage caused by electroconvulsive therapy in a regulatory update following the groundbreaking 2018…

ECT Lawsuit Victory - Riera v. Somatics, LLC, 2018

As a result of the manufacturers' failure to comply with FDA regulations and failure to advise of known or knowable…