Memory Loss and Misdiagnosis: Kerry Hodgson’s ECT Experience and Call for Informed Consent

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Kerry Hodgson lost nearly 20 years of memories on the 307 electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatments she received over a decade to treat severe depression. Doctors assured her the memory loss would be temporary, but she still cannot recall important life events, such as her marriage and her children’s milestones.

In 2004, a rare brain tumor was discovered and removed, which ended her depression. This raised questions about whether the extensive ECT was ever necessary.

Hodgson has tried to take legal action and file complaints, but holding medical professionals accountable has been difficult. She hopes for greater awareness and education on the risks of ECT, stressing the need for informed consent to prevent others from experiencing similar issues.

Read the RNZ Radio New Zealand article.


Anna is a childhood psychiatric drug and a teenage electroshock survivor. She founded Life After ECT to ensure people injured by electroconvulsive therapy have easy access to resources that can help them understand their injuries and find a path to recovery.