A Review of ECT in the UK, Walk a Mile on my Shoes Podcast

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*episode contains swears*

Chris Young, host of Walk a Mile in my Shoes podcast, gives a hilariously unfiltered, poignant review of the latest ECT efficacy research by John Read, Irving Kirsch and others.

He also touches on shortcomings in England mental health care and how service users more vulnerable to ECT as a first line treatment, rather than talk therapy or other less dangerous interventions. (See a UK doctor’s experience with ECT before being offered talk therapy)

Chris would consider it an honor to share others ECT stories. See his contact info in the show notes here.

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Anna is a childhood psychiatric drug and a teenage electroshock survivor. She founded Life After ECT to ensure people injured by electroconvulsive therapy have easy access to resources that can help them understand their injuries and find a path to recovery.