A recent article in Medscape highlights experts calling for a suspension of ECT until research can demonstrate that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Experts Call for Immediate Suspension of ECT, Others Push Back

This article highlights our international patient safety petition which now has more than 10 thousand signatures.

4,000 people signed in the last 2 weeks after my article “Whose Finger is Taking the Pulse of America’s Shock Treatment Controversy?” appeared in Mad in America.

90% of the people who view our petition, sign it. 10% share it!

Please help us help others injured by this unregulated medical treatment!

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    Living with violation from not properly consenting? No information about real side effects apart from a headache or slight memory loss on the day.
    No follow up, no rehabilitation.
    Given against our will under section 3.
    ECT is not fit for purpose in 2021

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