A hidden Epedimic

Many people suffer from electrical injuries (EI) every year, but many have symptoms go undiagnosed and untreated.

Low-Volatage Electrical Injury

Low-voltage electrical injuries can be just as serious as high-voltage injuries, but often go unrecongized. This can lead to needless suffering and serious health risks.

More research is needed to better diagnose and treat people with electrical injury.

Without specific tests to diagnose and treat EI, those affected are left vulnerable without the necessary medical and mental health support they need to recover.

An unanswered call to action

In 2001 the UK Government recognized a connection between electrical injury and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but the US has not yet taken any action.

In 2007, a retired Air Force Brigadier General asked the US Congress to study this connection and create a registry of people who have ECT, TMS, and vocational/domestic electrical injury. However, 15 years later, this registry has not yet been created.

In 2021 Dr. Marc Jeske, an expert on electrical injuries, also expressed the dire need for more research in this area in his presentation on EI.

Our Mission

Life After ECT Inc. is committed to supporting research that will help healthcare providers understand and treat electrical injuries of all kinds.

Certified rehabilitation counselor and ECT survivor, Sarah Hancock, has led this effort by founding The Ionic Injury Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to electrical injury research.

Together we can make a difference

If you’ve been injured by electricity from ECT, TMS, or an accident and want to participate in this vital research, sign up using the form below. We will let you know we will let you know when opportunites become available.

Thank you!

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